Melodic Didj

Didj rhythms can make a solid ground for songs, setting the mood and tempo. 

In the overtones of the drone a melody can be implied.  A didj is not much use as a melodic instrument, but it can inspire a  melodic arrangement. 

TRAVELLING SONGS rocks along and TJILATJILA goes to a calmer place. The heart felt tracks that make up DIDJHEART owe their beginnings to the gentle music I played to my children for bed time.

In TRAVELLING SONGS (1994) the song titles say it all;  ‘Pig Wobble’, ‘Ride’, ‘Scramble’, ‘Stampede’.  The didj riffs are fast, strong, and melodies express the exhilaration of travelling.  The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) dubbed it ‘jazz goes walkabout’.  Besides the pacey didj riffs there’s chunky keyboard, wild saxophone and solid drum playing.  Bobby Bunuggurr’s Arnhem Land lyrics give Travelling Songs a carefree indigenous flavour.  Recorded on Dolby SR two inch analogue,  with contributions from six writers and even more players,  this record has the highest production quality and the songs are the core of Gondwana Band’s live show.  Travelling Songs didj riffs like the ‘Wobble’ and ‘Ride’ have become didj standards for skilled players.
TJILATJILA (1995) means easy going.  The relaxed feel is created with steady medium tempo didj riffs and an accompaniment of didj horns and all acoustic instruments.  Didj horns are made by blowing the didj like a trumpet and the soft horn tones from a link between the didj drone rhythms and the higher piano and string melodies.
DidjHeart (2012) The heart felt tracks that make up this album owe their beginnings to the gentle music I played to my children for bed time at the age they were when the cover photo of them was taken: The Album is a collection of songs that seek to take you to the places and experiences that the tracks take their name from.