Charlie McMahon’s DidjeriboneTM has become the favourite pitch shift didj of experienced didj players.


“In the last years I used a lot of different types of slides, and whatever they named…they had one thing together; they did not work.  I am happy and surprised the original Didjeribone is doing its job really good.  It slides really good, the scale of tones is useful, it sounds ok from b-g, the black letters are visual on the yellow tube even while playing, the mouthpiece is clever done, its light weight enough—perfect and I wonder why I didn’t had the idea of trying the original of the founder of sliding idea before.”  (Otto Trapp.  Phoenix Percussion Project. Austria.)

Check the Didjeribone site for more information on the didjeribone and how to order it.

Here are some playing tips and theory reprinted from the Didjeribone instruction booklet.

1.  How to Play - The Drone.
2.  How to Play - Cycle Breath.
3.  Didjeribone & Music.